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Where to Advertise Your Text Message Marketing Campaign

People get excited when I talk to them about SMS marketing and how effective it can be. The next question I get when they sign up is, “how do I get people to sign up for my SMS campaign?” That’s the million-dollar question. Fortunately there are many ways to market an SMS campaign. 

The easiest place to advertise your SMS campaign is on social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter. Post your campaign on your Twitter and Facebook  as often as seems appropriate. This could be daily or weekly, depending on how active your social media audience is. To get your social media followers to sign up for your SMS campaign, XL Messenger provides an opt-in sign up page or a Facebook widget to collect mobile numbers. 

The next place to advertise your SMS marketing campaign is your company website, especially if your customers are visiting your website to place orders. I personally love to shop online and visit all sorts of websites for my favorite retailers and restaurants. I would certainly sign up to receive discounts from these companies on my mobile phone if the opportunity presented itself. Adding a quick and easy sign-up form or clear instructions on how to opt-in will help convert your website visitors into SMS campaign subscribers.

Email newsletters and direct mail are other important ways to market your SMS campaign. In postal mail, add a QR code linking to a sign-up form. Customers receiving your letters can use their smart phone’s QR code reader to easily get to the online sign-up form. 

QR codes can also be used at your business location to encourage subscribers. For example, if your business is a restaurant, consider also adding a similar QR code to table tents. I love going out to eat and I have a few places I visit monthly. If restaurants I like provide discounts through SMS campaign, I am encouraged to visit more than simply once a month. Promoting to existing customers through SMS will make them become more frequent customers.

You can also advertise your SMS marketing campaign in traditional marketing methods, like flyers, storefront window, shirts, newspaper ads, and radio ads. 

Get creative with your marketing. SMS is a unique and powerful way to increase sales and produce loyal customers. With creative thinking, marketing your SMS campaign and gaining subscribers can come easily.