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Social Media For Business

Do you see social media as a toy intended for teenagers or for forty-somethings to reconnect with long, lost buddies before that next big reunion? Did you know a growing segment of social media users frequently check and update their Facebook and Twitter accounts from their smartphones on a regular basis? But can all that tweeting and liking work for your business?

Here a few things to consider:

• Cost Effectiveness
The bulk of the cost of social media is spent on the time and human resources of managing your online marketing. Compared to print, broadcast or even online marketing, social media is far less expensive and in many ways more effective.

• Customer Feedback
Social media offers a quick, easy way for customers to share their experience of your company. Positive feedback including comments and “likes” demonstrate to potential customers the value your company provides. Any negative feedback offers the opportunity to win back a dissatisfied customer with a prompt response to their experience.

• Engagement
The biggest draw of social media is the feeling of being connected and engaged. Being engaged with your customers goes beyond merely collecting their demographic information. As you build your company’s social media presence, you demonstrate that you care about your customers. You want their opinions, are willing to take suggestions and will work to correct any misunderstandings. Your responses to both positive and negative feedback will build your company’s reputation as a company that listens and responds.

• Keep Tabs On Your Competition
Social media allows you to keep an eye on what your competition is doing. It also allows you to see how people are reacting to it. What’s working or not working for them? Can you build on it?

• Thought Leadership
By posting on industry expertise and knowledge, people will view your company as a resource they can trust.

One final thought: most users will ask for a referral from their friends on social media before looking anywhere else. So, love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Why not take advantage of it?
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